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Research of European calls for proposal fitting your needs
Business needs analysis and definition of project ideas that need to be funded. Monitoring and research of the suitable call meeting needs and necessities.

Project of quality
The design activity NET carries our includes all the bureaucratic procedures necessary for the application of the project: definition of business needs, call analysis, project design, budget preparation, collection of all the documents required, preparation of the package and sending of the project.

Project management
Counselling activity related to the management and implementation of retained projects. The association supports the promoter in all the management, implementation, monitoring and administration activities till the end of the project.
In relation to training project N.E.T. delivers also training services and counselling (expert trainers, coordinators, tutors and assessment/evaluator experts).

Translations and Interpreting activities
Activities of translations and interpreting for all the enterprises needing documents and/or material translated into and from the most used European languages. Service of Asserted Translations.

Organisation of meetings and seminars in Italy and abroad

The association supports enterprises and organisations in the technical and logistic organisation of meetings in Italy and abroad both for small and large groups. The activities go from the identification and reservation of the hotels to the organisation of the activities during the meeting and during spare time.

Customised courses organisation
Organisation and implementation of customised courses in relation to the specific needs of the person. Courses have usually not more than 5 participants and can also be for a single person. Teachers are professionals in their field and have a very long experience.

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